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15 Places Open To American Tourists Right Now

After several hours of research, I’ve compiled a list of all the places American tourists can travel to right now. This list is current as of July 2020. Of course, I am by no means encouraging international travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m providing the information needed to stay in the know. Personally, I will be staying state-side for awhile!

If you’re American and are looking to travel this year, I recommend exploring more of the US! Although airlines are taking every precaution, including staggering boarding, deep-cleaning surfaces and air filters between flights, and lessening flight attendant to passenger contact, international travel is still a risk at this time. I highly recommend exploring your own country and take a road trip! In fact, 2020 is becoming the year of roadtrips! Fill up your gas tank, grab a friend, and hit the road!

It’s important to note that the EU closed its borders to all American tourists on July 1, 2020. Many countries reopened its borders to EU citizens on this date, but not to the US. Much of Europe will remain closed to American tourists indefinitely. Additionally, Americans can’t travel to Canada. The border has remained closed indefinitely since its closing in March.

Here are 15 places Americans can travel to right now:

1. Aruba

Aruba started welcoming American tourists back on July 10, 2020. Upon entry, tourists will have to complete a self-health declaration and show proof of a negative COVID test. 

2. Barbados

The island will open to visitors on July 12, 2020 and tourists are encouraged to take a COVID test 72 hours prior to departure and show negative results at the airport.

3. Belize

Belize is looking to welcome tourists back to its lush, tropical paradise on August 15. Tourists must either prove a negative result from a COVID test 72 hours prior to departure or can undergo testing upon arrival.

4. Bermuda

Bermuda opened for all international travel on July 1, 2020 and will require entering visitors to show a negative COVID test from no more than five days before departure. According to the Bermuda Tourism Authority, visitors will have to fill out a travel authorization online and pay a $75 fee. Visitors may be tested every few days on the island and get their temperature checked often.

5. Jamaica

Jamaica reopened to international travel on June 15, requiring tourists to undergo a temperature check at the airport and undergo a COVID test upon arrival.

6. Mexico

The land border between the US and Mexico is due to open July 21, but several states including Quintana Roo and Jalisco have already begun welcoming tourists back.

7. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia reopened to international tourists on June 4, but arrivals are required to show proof of a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of departure.

8. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos will reopen to international travel on July 22 via flight. The cruise center will remain closed for now.

9. Albania

Albania reopened its borders to American tourists on July 1, 2020. Your temperature will be taken at the airport, but no testing or quarantine periods are required.

10. Cambodia

Cambodia is open to international tourists, however, you’ll have to show proof of a negative COVID test from no more than 72 hours before traveling AND pay a $3,000 travel deposit before entering to cover any potential coronavirus-related costs. Worth it? I’m not sure.

11. Croatia

According to the Croatian National Tourism Board, non-EU citizens are allowed to visit as long as they show proof of their accommodation and fill out an entry form online.

12. French Polynesia

Islands like Tahiti and Bora Bora will reopen its borders to international tourists on July 15, including those from the US. Tourists will have to test negative for COVID 72 hours before boarding a flight and purchase travel insurance.

13. Serbia

Serbia lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions for Serbians and foreigners, allowing people to enter the country. Masks are required, but they’ve mentioned nothing about needing a test.

14. Turkey

As of June 11, Turkey opened its international borders to many countries, including the US. Upon arrival, travelers will be required to fill out a passenger information form and and undergo medical screening for infection.

15. United Arab Emirates

Dubai reopened to foreign visitors on July 7, so long as they download the city’s COVID app and register. Visitors will have to show proof of a negative test upon arrival or get tested at the airport.

The 195 countries in our world are handling the pandemic in their own unique ways. Since the United States has remained the epicenter of the pandemic for the past few months, most countries have restricted American tourists. Regulations are constantly changing, so stay informed and stay safe! Only travel if you feel healthy enough to do so.

Keep up with the CDC for travel updates and information on regulations.

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