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10 Travel Essentials You Need This Holiday Season

Tis the season! Can you believe it’s already November?? This year has felt like the longest year of our lives, but also flew by. Although this holiday season is going to look different than most, I think we can all agree on the fact that with the end of the year comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years… and New Years means 2021; A chance for a fresh start. Most of us traveled far less this year than we were probably planning on, and may continue to stay close to home for awhile. Who knows when international travel will be safe again. But, I encourage all you globetrotters to get out there and explore locally, safely. I’ve been doing this A LOT and have really enjoyed rediscovering my area. When I’m not exploring, I’ve been home. And like most, being home means more time online. Aka more online shopping. I’ve purchased quite a few goodies in the past few months of quarantine that have been perfect for my local adventures this fall. I’m already excited for the new year so I can rock my new things this winter and hopefully take them somewhere new! So, without further ado, here are 10 fashionable travel essentials you need this holiday season.

PS. Anything on this list would make a GREAT gift!

Disclaimer: I only recommend products that I own and use myself. All opinions here are my own, but this post contains some affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through one of my links at no additional cost to you!

10 Travel Essentials You Need ASAP

10. American Eagle Sherpa Lug Boots

Ok these boots are it. I’ve been on the hunt for a cute, but practical brown boot for the fall/winter and LOVE these! They are super warm and compact. Not chunky like a bean boot, although I do love those too.

The best boots for that fall to winter transition

9. SD Card Camera Reader

If you have a camera, you need this. For years, I’ve gone through the hassle of uploading my photos to my laptop and then airdropping them to my iPhone. This SD Card Reader, allows you to plug in your SD card and connect it right to your phone! When you plug it in and open your camera roll, a little “import” button will appear and you can instantly download your photos. I bring this thing with me everywhere now. It’s perfect for on the go uploading and editing!

Everyone with a camera needs an SD card
Everyone with a camera needs an SD card

8. Silicon AirPods Case

Assuming you have some AirPods, which if you don’t I highly recommend buying AirPods from Amazon, get a case! My silicon case came with a hook so I can easily clip them to my keys or purse. Also, the case makes them easy to hold, slip-proof, and easy to find in my bags.

Excuse all my blush pink, but how cute is that AirPods case?
Excuse all my blush pink, but how cute is that AirPods case?

7. iPhone Tripod

Another one of my favorite travel essentials. Whether you’re an advanced photographer or just beginning, I highly recommend buying a tripod. This recommendation is more for the beginners because it’s for an iPhone! I tend to travel solo a lot, or with just one other person, and this tripod has come in handy SO many times. It comes with a small remote that hooks up to bluetooth, allowing you to snap your own photos no matter where you are. This is such a great thing to have for stable video recording too…maybe a Zoom call perhaps?

PS. If you’re looking for a compact, light-weight camera tripod I HIGHLY recommend this one. This Tripod comes with me everywhere and fits right in my backpack! It adjusts to various heights too.

Mairin and I couldn't have gotten through our road trip without my tripod!
Mairin and I couldn’t have gotten through our road trip without my tripod!
This was taken with my iPhone tripod..shh don't tell.
This was taken with my iPhone tripod..shh don’t tell.
And so was this. The cat's out of the bag.
And so was this. The cat’s out of the bag.

6. Just about anything from Serengetee’s website

I can’t NOT put this on here. And I’m not just saying this because I work for this brand. Serengetee has the softest, cutest clothes that are sure to satisfy your wanderlust. Whether you’re exploring a new place or just hanging at home, these products should be on your holiday wish list!

I’ve gotten countless travel-themed shirts and sweatshirts for myself that have become staples for lounging around and travel days. I’ve also gotten my sister a cute mask, my mom a blanket for our new home, and more. Check it out!

You can find me in this shirt 2-3x a week.
You can find me in this shirt 2-3x a week.

5. An Airbnb Escape

I think we could all benefit from a little escape this year. I know this one may seem weird because it’s not tangible, but one of the best things I’ve gotten in the past few months has been a night or two away.

Even if it’s local, spending a night somewhere else can satisfy any wanderlust. Over the past few months, I’ve spent a summer weekend in Acadia, a fall weekend in New Hampshire leaf peeping, a day exploring Mystic, Connecticut, and more. This time away is always the EXACT escape I need. I highly recommend booking yourself a night away this holiday season!

Bonus: I’ve never done it but I’m dying to stay in a Getaway House! Look into one of these for the perfect weekend escape. They have locations all around the US!

If you book through my link, you’ll receive $25 off your stay!

A cozy New England escape
A cozy New England escape

4. Long iPhone Charger

Ok this one is more practical, but everyone should own one of these at this point. Not only are they perfect for lounging in bed on Netflix, these chargers are a definite travel essential as they extend to those far-to-reach airport and train outlets. Do yourself a favor and spend the $18 on this iPhone Charger.

3. Casetify Phone Case

I bit the bullet on one of these way back in March after seeing them nonstop online and let me tell you… I’m obsessed. Casetify is known for having the most protective, fashionable cases on the market. I’ve dropped my phone SO many times while traveling and my screen has stayed perfect because of my case. Not only do they have hundreds of customizable designs (I LOVE mine), the cases are sleek and narrow, unlike competitors Life Proof or Otter Box.

I mean... this will be on my phone for next few years.
I mean… this will be on my phone for next few years.

2. Homesick Candles

Ok maybe this isn’t exactly one of the travel essentials, but they do make great gifts. And with all of us safe at home right now and missing travel, a homesick candle that reminds you of your favorite place may be exactly the thing you need right now! I got the Australia one for my friend Kaitlyn last Christmas since we studied abroad there together and bought myself the Massachusetts one a few months ago. Each place has it’s own unique smell and they are SO cute!

This Homesick Candle was the perfect addition to my little travel corner.
This Homesick Candle was the perfect addition to my little travel corner.

1. The best black boots you’ll ever own

Coming in at #1 on the list of 10 travel essentials you need this holiday season are these black boots! I’m not lying when I say these are the best boots I’ll ever own. First, they are less than $30. Second, they hold up in the rain and snow (shoutout New England). Third, they have a heel but are SO comfortable. Really, I walked 3 miles around Salem, MA a few weeks ago and felt nothing.

Although we may not be going to bars anytime soon, these shoes are perfect for a night out. Whether it be dinner, exploring a new city, or hitting the town, trust me when I say you all NEED these.

PS. They’re true to size. I bought a size 8!

Perfect for day AND night. Plus they're seriously so comfortable!
Perfect for day AND night. Plus they’re seriously so comfortable!

That’s all for my list of 10 travel essentials you need this holiday season! This is my first time writing a gift guide like this on my blog, but if you like it, I’ll be sure to write more in the future! As much as I love shopping, giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. Happy shopping!

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